Roller Striker

Roller Striker

The Roller Striker strikes off and finishes concrete slabs quickly and easily. A spinning tube pulls up the surcharge of concrete as it goes. The spinning roller action leaves aggregate near the surface resulting in a very strong floor, ready for power trowelling if required.

  • Simple and very rapid operation – just pull a spinning tube along form work.
  • Quick and easy to set up by connecting two pull handles and a hose to the power source.
  • Virtually self-cleaning with the tube requiring just a light hosing down.
  • Highly manoeuvrable making it easy to strike off suspended floor, slopes and very large areas.
  • Hydraulic power unit is required to operate this piece of equipment.


1 Day – £90.00 ex VAT

2 Days – £130.00 ex VAT

Wk End – £130.00 ex VAT

Week – £180.00 ex VAT

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