200 Amp Diesel Welder Generator

200 Amp Diesel Welder Generator

  • A super silent ArcGen weldmaker 200SSD is a mobile 200amp diesel driven welder generator that is capable of continuous hand welding up to 4.00mmelectrodes. Allowing up to 10 hours of operation with no need to refuel.
  • Capable of continuous hand welding up to 4mm electrodes, output is protected against overload by a thermal trip for operator safety. The welder has excellent arc characteristics for all types of manual metal arc electrodes including cellulosic types.
  • The 3kW 110V AC auxiliary output can be switched between 50Hz and 60Hz and is independent from the welding output allowing other tools to be used- meaning welding and auxiliary outputs can be used simultaneously.


1 Day – £90.00 ex VAT

2 Days – £120.00 ex VAT

Wk End – £120.00 ex VAT

Week – £150.00 ex VAT

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