Site Equipment Hire

  • Site Fencing

    Week – £3.50 Each  ex VAT

    • Anti-climb security fence
    • Built to withstand the rigours of site use, easy to erect and dismantle
  • Site Hoarding Panels

    Week – £5.00 ex VAT

    • Portable Temporary hoarding panels are commonly used to form a private & safe perimeter fence during demolition and construction works, as well as being used at large events such as music festivals.
  • Barriers – Pedestrian

    Week – £5.00 Each ex VAT

    • Double barrier posts for erection around pedestrian hazards
    • This one-piece construction is lightweight for easy handling and extremely strong
  • Acrow Props

    Week – £2.80 ex VAT

    • Acrow props for hire
    • Temporary ceiling, flooring and wall supports
  • Strongboys – Prop Head Wall Supports

    Week – £3.80 Each ex VAT

    • Strongboy - prop head wall supports
    • Eliminates the old fashioned method of supporting a wall with a beam and props when a lintel is being installed
    • The Strongboy is supported on a standard Acrow prop
  • CAT (Cable Avoidance Tool)

    1 Day – £25.00 ex VAT

    2 Day – £35.00 ex VAT

    Wk End – £35.00 ex VAT

    Week – £45.00 ex VAT

    • Detects cables that may be buried or obscured from view.
    • Provides accurate depth measuring of buried cables.
  • GEN (Transmitter For CAT)

    1 Day – £20.00 ex VAT

    2 Days – £30.00 ex VAT

    Wk End – £30.00 ex VAT

    Week – £40.00 ex VAT

    • Generates signal to be picked up by CAT scanner.
  • Road Plate

    Week -£18.00 ex VAT

    Road Plates made of mild steel are used to allow pedestrians and vehicles to pass over trenches and other holes, whilst construction, maintenance and demolition works are carried out. Size 2400 x 1200 x 19mm suitable for heavy duty vehicles.
  • Self-Levelling Rotary Laser Kit

    1 Day – £25.00 ex VAT

    2 Day – £35.00 ex VAT

    Wk End – £35.00 ex VAT

    Week – £50.00 ex VAT

    • Fully self-levelling, horizontal only rotary laser is designed for exterior layout projects
    • One button operation with the accuracy and durability required for exterior level benchmark tasks
  • Shifta Conveyor 4.4M (110v)

    1 Day – £100.00 ex VAT

    2 Days – £120.00 ex VAT

    Wk End – £120.00 ex VAT

    Week – £150.00 ex VAT

    • Conveyors are designed to be simple, flexible and light, but as robust as possible.
    • A 5kVA transformer is required for this product.
    • Comes with a vulcanised rubber belt, designed to move your loads quickly.
    • Typical uses include feeding solid materials (No Liquids) such as sand and/or cement into a cement mixer - transporting bricks and other structural materials from the storage/ dump area to the working area on a building site - rubble / muck clearance, particularly in confined spaces (such as basements or through buildings etc).
  • Towable Air Compressor

    1 Day – £60.00 ex VAT

    2 Day – £75.00 ex VAT

    Wk End – £75.00 ex VAT

    Week – £100.00 ex VAT

    Compressed air for pneumatic power tools and equipment being used on building sites, road works and early installation stage. Ideal where there is no electric power supply.
    • Hire a quiet running, fuel efficient towable compressor.
    • With a compact, lightweight design, stable highway towing, powerful engine.
    • Noise rating fully compliant to outdoor noise directive 2000/14/EC (2006)
    • You can get the job done — reliably, safely, and efficiently.
  • 8M 110V Bumpa Tile Hoist

    1 Day: £70.00 Ex VAT

    2 Days: £90.00 Ex VAT

    Wk End: £90.00 Ex VAT

    Week: £120.00 Ex VAT

    • The Bumpa is quick to erect, simply unloaded from your truck and up and running within four minutes.
    • 1000 tiles can then be loaded onto any roof in under 25 minutes.
    • The Bumpa also has a powered reverse to strip valuable salvage down easily as fast straight from the roof into the back of a truck.