There are hundreds of companies willing and ready to offer you a wide range of construction equipment and tools to hire, but finding the right one for your projects requires more attention to detail than you may have first realised.

Many key factors will need to be taken into consideration when you choose the company you hire from, making the right decision and looking for the right services can be the difference between completing your work to a high standard or failing to deliver to expectations.

We’re sharing some tips on choosing the right plant hire company…


The first thing you need to establish is finding the right hire company in the right location, there is absolutely no point and limitations to using services that are not close to your site.

There are many reasons to use local services not only does it support businesses in your area but also to make sure you can keep in good communication with your supplier without needing to travel far to address any last minute issues.

It also makes it easier to acquire further equipment in a timely fashion if you need to make changes to your project at the last minute or need additional equipment support.

At Pughs we are ideally local to Bromsgrove, Redditch, Worcestershire and the West Midlands.


Finding a company that offers a wide range of services and equipment that will suit your needs and demands will relieve a lot of stress and time wasting when it comes to acquiring and hiring the different types of machinery or tools you need.

Assessing your needs and creating a checklist to measure up against what potential plant and tool hire companies have to offer to ensure that you can build a working relationship with a company that aligns with the demands of your business.


Finding a plant hire company that not only meets the bare minimum of your needs, but finding one that adds further benefits to your business which can be anything from excellent customer services, wide flexibility on your hire options or just offering additional support and expert knowledge to help you have the best possible experience.

If you are looking for a machinery and tool hire company in the West Midlands, look no further than Pughs Plant Hire we offer a huge and diverse range of professional, high quality tools and machinery for both industrial construction contracts and domestic projects.