If you are in the construction industry, when it comes to plant hire you will understand that every project and contract will require different sizes and types of plant. Heavy plant machinery is an absolute necessity in the construction industry, and most commercial contracts can’t be successfully completed without. However, with demand on projects high and ever changing, is it completely necessary to purchase all of your plant machinery? We are sharing a few reasons why hiring for your next construction project could be the answer!


It is not rocket science that hiring your plant hire, and equipment hire, is going to be a lot more cost effective than shelling out a fortune on machinery purchases. If you are not aware, plant machinery is extremely expensive to purchase and will continue to be expensive to maintain as you use it and making sure you have adequate storage for machinery of that stature.

Hiring your plant machinery eliminates all of those expensive considerations that need to be taken into account, and you will find that you will get a better deal when you hire for a prolonged time periods. Meaning you can focus on getting the job done without the concern of the costs involved with purchase, maintenance, storage and repair.


The beauty of hiring plant machinery, is that you will have complete flexibility. As touched on above, every construction project is different and you will find that your plant needs can vastly vary from day to week to month. Hiring your machinery and tools allows you complete flexibility and once you’re done, you can simply return the plant or tools and move onto the next project.


As with anything, the quality of plant and tools depreciates fast, as construction equipment and tools are constantly redeveloped and advanced because of such a competitive nature between brands in the market. Hiring your equipment means that you will be offered machinery and tools that are high quality, well maintained and often hiring companies will opt to offer more up to date machinery to attract customers away from competitors.

At Pughs Plant Hire, we offer high quality plant and tool hire that is affordable with a fast turnaround and flexible hiring options to suit your unique needs.