Tracked dumpers, also known as track dumpers, provide a highly efficient material handling solution, particularly for smaller jobs that demand the advantages of a tracked machine.

These versatile machines are equipped with rubber tracks, offering superior manoeuvrability and traversing capabilities across rough terrain.

If you’re seeking a compact yet robust solution for navigating narrow spaces, a tracked dumper is the perfect choice, being the smallest dumper option available.

Why Opt for Tracked Dumper Hire?

Hiring a tracked dumper offers several compelling benefits compared to purchasing one outright.

Plant machinery, in general, comes with a hefty price tag, requiring substantial upfront investment, along with additional costs for storage and maintenance.

However, the return on investment is often limited, as plant machinery tends to depreciate in value over time.

By choosing to hire instead, you have the advantage of paying only for the duration of usage.

Moreover, you can rest assured that the equipment will be in top-notch condition, as reputable hire companies ensure proper maintenance and safety checks.

Where to Find Tracked Dumper Hire?

For reliable and affordable plant machinery hire, Pughs Plant Hire offers an excellent selection, including the Tracked Dumper Hi-Tip – 500kg.

We also offer the same tracked dumper in an 800kg size too, for larger projects.

Tracked Dumper Features and Benefits

Our 500KG Tracked Dumper:

  • Tips directly into skip or high sided vehicle
  • Maximum width of 680mm it can access restricted sites easily
  • Far more effective than a traditional wheelbarrow

Our 800KG Tracked Dumper:

  • Tips directly into skip or high sided vehicle
  • With a maximum width of 800mm it can access restricted sites easily

Tracked Dumper Hire Costs

The cost of hiring a tracked dumper can vary depending on the hire company, as well as factors specific to your project – factors influencing the cost include the rental duration, your location, delivery and collection travel expenses, and any necessary insurance coverage.

Pughs Plant Hire offer affordable machinery and tool hire at affordable and competitive prices across Birmingham and the surrounding areas, as well as huge flexibility to ensure you only pay for what you use and the timeframe you need.

Tracked dumpers are highly efficient and versatile material handling solutions, perfect for smaller projects that require a nimble and powerful machine.

Opting for tracked dumper hire offers numerous advantages, including cost-effectiveness, access to well-maintained equipment, and greater flexibility – when seeking reliable and top-quality tracked dumpers for hire, look no further than Pughs Plant Hire.