In most cases, excavators are well known for use during larger projects such as road and construction.

However, as time went by, excavators were introduced for use during smaller projects.

Ideally, it is easier to operate them; therefore, you can use them without many skills, meaning that you can use them at home with no difficulty at all.

Which diggers can you hire?

Different excavators can be used for general earth-moving tasks, mining and construction purposes.

However, for your residential projects, you can always opt to hire a digger. These diggers are grouped as per their weight and the difference in their weight makes them suitable for different tasks. These diggers include:

Micro diggers

They are characterised by their narrow and compact design. They are equipped with retractable tracks, which makes it easier to go through most standard garden gates. You can use them for projects such as digging fish ponds, landscaping, etc. Mostly, they are suitable for residential projects since they are easier to operate but function best, just like the larger ones.

Mini diggers

  • They are suitable for garden tasks, landscaping, digging trenches, ploughing snow, etc. Mostly they weigh 1.5 tonnes with versatile and more compact designs. You will see that some of these diggers allow you to offset the main arm, making it easier to dig along the fence or wall.
  • Others weigh up to 3 tonnes and can dig deep up to 3 metres. They have a compact design and usually perform mighty tasks. You can use them for larger landscaping projects or dig larger areas such as swimming pools or foundations.
  • Also, 5 tonne mini excavators can be used whenever you need to dig up to 4 metres. They are usually compact but not suitable for use in narrower gardens. You can use them for larger projects like clearing the earth, digging foundations, or larger pits.

Do I need attachments?

Depending on your needs, you can choose to hire different micro diggers and mini digger attachments. Depending on your needs, the hire company will always guide you on which attachment to opt for. For example, mini digger attachments include;

  • Excavator bucket attachment

This is the most commonly used type of digger attachment. They are available in different sizes and are primarily suitable for ploughing, removing, and transferring soil or other materials.

  • Auger attachment

They have a spiral design and drill-like attachments that are used in digging holes whenever you need to place some pipes or poles.

  • Breaker attachment

They are also called hydraulic breakers and are commonly used whenever you need to break or split more extensive pieces of asphalt or concrete. You can find them mostly during roadwork.

Do I need a licence to use a digger?

If you are using the digger privately or on private property, you do not have any licence to operate it. Whenever you are not well contented with this, you can inquire from your hire company to understand better. Other hire companies usually provide a machine operator to help you during your operations.