The introduction of mini excavators has been a revelation in the construction industry due to their ease of use and many benefits that make construction projects much easier to complete.

The effectiveness of mini excavators has been highly praised in the industry, and we’re sharing some of the reasons that you may find them useful in your own construction or domestic projects.


Compared to the larger excavator, operating and completing projects with the smaller version is a much easier task.

Learning how to operate mini excavators is very easy and can be learnt in a matter of minutes, meaning you can get on with your project efficiently and confidently.

Our experienced team at Pughs can help you with using our fleet of mini diggers and offer a diverse range to suit your needs.


One of the most common reasons for construction businesses hiring mini excavators is the fact that they are perfect for tighter spaces.

Many contractors and builders prefer to use the smaller machinery to accommodate their entire demands with most construction project demanding tasks that need more precision and detail something mini excavators offer.


Compared to bigger machinery, mini excavators produce much less noise which can be extremely useful when completing construction projects in rural and built up areas where homes are near by.


The use of smaller machinery can be extremely cost effective as you can save on commercial driver’s licenses and special permits when hauling equipment.

They are usually much less expensive to hire or purchase than their larger counterparts so again there is an opportunity to save money for contractors who are on a tighter budget.

Pughs Plant Hire offer a wide range of excavators of all sizes, and we can help you identify the best fitting machinery for your construction project as well as offer other machinery for hire that will help you complete your tasks to the highest quality and standards without the concern of the expensive outright purchase.